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Our roots in Shrewsbury are multi-generational with a progressive spirit.

Shrewsbury thrives on the cohesiveness of family, friends and businesses working together to provide a community filled with pride.

Take the time to visit us in Shrewsbury. Stroll through our parks, visit our businesses and experience the community.

You’ll be glad you did!



The City of Shrewsbury is currently engaged in a Historic Route 66 Corridor Revitalization Project.  This project encompasses the section of Historic Route 66 Roadway that is located within the Cities of Shrewsbury, Webster Groves, Marlborough, Crestwood and Sunset Hills. 


This project kicks off with the installation of the Route 66 Photo Deck, located at a point adjacent to the intersection of the BNSF Railway and the Historical Corridor (at the Center of Kenrick Commercial District).  The City of Shrewsbury will be involved in other activities and projects related to the Route 66 Corridor in the coming years.  Throughout this timeframe, the City will keep the community apprised of its activities. 


If you are interested in learning more about Historic Route 66, and its role specific to the State of Missouri, please visit the Route 66 Association of Missouri’s official website, at


Jonathan Greever – Director of Administration


The City of Shrewsbury would like to congratulate Beth Synder Parker on being Shrewsbury's Citizen of the Year!  Check out the article in the Webster Kirkwood





Fire Dept. Rolls Out STARS Program


Street Repairs Updates and Schedule


The Center at Kenrick







  • Board of Alderpersons (BoA) Regular Sessions are the 2nd Tuesday

    of each month at

           6:30 p.m.

           at City Center


  • Board of Alderpersons (BoA) Work Sessions are the 4th

    Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at City Center


     May Board of

     Alderman meetings


  • May   9 @ 6:30 p.m.  
  • May 23 @ 6:00 p.m.    


    Bulk Trash Pickup

    Upcoming Dates -2017

  • July 17

  • October 16






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